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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Most read posts for 2010

In the last 17 months I have made many posts and it occurs to me that newcomers may have trouble finding important info. So here are the links to some of the more read posts...(other than the ones already listed in the right hand column)

2010 most read posts

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3. Kick in the pants to the shipping industry
4. Demurrage vs Freight rates - the relationship part 1.
5. Demurrage vs Freight rates - part 2.
6. How I landed my first job
7. Shipowner secrets
8. Yes my spelling is terrible
9. China vs Australia - The iron ore wars
10. Shipbroker and chartering salary updates
11. A nice message
12. Is there a secret?
13. How are charterparties formed?
14. Travel and shipbroking



  1. hi VS,

    When more than one broker is involved in the charter party negotiation what is the commission for each broker?


  2. Each broker adds 1.25 percent...