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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The market has fought back nicely

click here to check the BDI which back around the 2,500 mark.

Nice comeback!

I have recently landed a new account and thats been keeping me busy. Lots of travel over the last 2 weeks. Sorry to those waiting for a reply from me.

Reverting Soonest


  1. Hallo, Have been following your work for a period of time and I like you info abt shipbroking... well done...I have been working as portagent and lineragent for several years and also before that been working onboard vessels. Now I running my own business with major work inside agency and forwarding. But several time I have tried to getting a leg inside dry cargo chartering....I have done some few fixtures with coaster vessels inside Baltic Sea but seems that very diffricult finding clients who is willing to give me direct cargoes...many cargoes is recirculated several times and commission is getting too high.... It is little bit frustrating that never getting further.... also were having a idea might better to entering tanker maket becourse seems not that many players on that scene and I have done some investigations but seems to be a very closed area and the players who is already inside is not letting any new in.... any ideas? Thanks in Advance!

  2. Hi there

    You should read 'inside shipbroking'. It may shed some light on some of your issues you are currently having.


  3. Shipbroker IN ChinaAugust 24, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    Not many players in the Tanker market?

    Which tanker market are you following??

  4. Yes have to agree with 'shipbroker IN China". The tanker market is huge. But in fairness there are not as many 'players' as the dry cargo market which is much more fragmented.

    Having slightly less players means that there are less wet brokers than dry brokers which I think is probably right. But its still huge!