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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

update on junior salaries from a former student of mine


btw VS, just completed 2 years as a broker a few weeks ago, and I guess I’ll update the salary question bc that’s usually what everyone wants to see. I went from 45k the first year, to 55k the second year, to 75k into my current contract, not including bonuses. Currently in discussion with a few other shops/principals offering about 90k if I stay in the country I am in, and close to $120,000 if I go abroad. If I can get a handle on this, anyone can.


Many thanks update. Not sure where you are and what currency you are using but either way whether it is USD, Euro, Pounds or Sing not a bad progression and a nice wage for someone in the game for 2 years..

Keep me updated - you are a legend!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another great question from a few weeks ago - sorry late posting


Hi mate,

Big fan of your blog, great to read something that is explained as clearly as it is

I have recently started working as an FFA trader for a shipowners, but have barely been taught anything about the physical side of things. I have 2 questions if you would kindly answer. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixing a spot ship?

China cut their interest rates recently meaning stock prices went up. How does that effect the shipping market?

Answers anyone??? Love this interactive stuff

demurrage / half despatch - wtf?

Great question!


Hi VS,

I am a fan of your wonderful blog.

Also brought one of your books "Shipbrokers Fasttrack" which was very informative and useful when I worked for a broking firm.

Presently, I work for a Charterer and I have 3 questions for you.

Why Despatch is half of Demurrage ?
Why not same as Demurrage ?
What is the logic behind Half of Demurrage ?


Best Regards


Who can answer???

Cmon - join in!