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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woman in Shipbroking

I have bumped a posting made in another thread - good reading


pilarin said...

Comments from a woman shipbroker: It’s true, most men in this field tend to look at women as an employee who is not much more than a highly skilled secretary which of course is not true.

Men have their way of dealing with things and women have theirs. This is a job that requires many skills which are most certainly part of the female way of thinking and acting.

The real question is if a woman is up to working 24/7 doing something that is stressful but rewarding (when the damn deal is finally closed).

If you like challenges then yes, you can do it and men will eventually realize that you are a good professional.

But the fact is that many companies only hire men brokers… I say it’s their loss…

Meantime I have received info that a women shipbrokers net is coming together which should be able to support the ladies in the industry… we will see…

February 23, 2011 7:31 AM

The Virtual Shipbroker said...

Hello Pilarin - thanks for the well considered comments. From a guys perspective I actually agree that many shops are disadvantaged by not having woman in broking positions. You need a balance and with the ease of offsite communication it allows more flexibility for those woman (and men) that may need it for family reasons. I personally dont like spending ALL my time with men. Its unnatural....for 12 hours a day 50 weeks of the year.

Shipbroking doesnt need to be WAR or a prison cell. One can actually go to work, do deals, and have a balanced life.

Good luck to the female shipbrokers network. If you want me to speak at one of your functions (from a guys perspective)let me know!



February 23, 2011 2:53 PM

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Im Back!

Hello Everyone - Sorry for my absence. Been a crazy time

But Im back. Whats been amazing is that even though I havent posted anything for 2 weeks I have had a recond number of book sales, tuition requests and Resume requests.

Unfortunatelyy due to my busy schedule I havent been able to reply with my usual pace. I am slowly catching up.

So the million dollar question is 'Hows the Market"

The short answer is that its crap! We will see a period of contraction no doubt. Clarksons have closed down their financial services arm for one reason - on markets drop those that arent making money (or eating up cashflow) get the chop. Be that people, departments and even entire companies.

Those that are highly leverage (debt) will be worried at the moment. The GFC drop although painful had very few casualties - for one main reason - the BDI bounced back reasonably quickly. I fear that this downturn could be a little more long lasting. Some scribes saying the market could be flat for 4-5 years.

This is pure crystal ball gazing. NO ONE really knows. The best thing anyone can do is stay positive despite the market. You cant control the market - you can only control the way you react to it. Try and see everything in a positive light - if you lose your job - be thankful that it gives you the chance to find another job NOW. Could be better than losing your job in 6 months time when and if there are more job losses than now.

Im not saying there will be massive job losses - just that restructuring WILL happen. The musical chairs has already begun and people will be looking for security of tenure going forward.

And for those looking to get into the industry - its not all bad. Many companies hire trainees in downturns because they are cheaper.

So heads up everyone - the sun still shines. Egypt and fallen and I predict will rise again bringing a new age of shipping freight rates with them..........and so it goes!