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Hi. I am a shipping company director, transport academic, author, family man and all round nice guy. I have worked as shipbroker, shipowner, freight trader and bulk charterer, in senior positions, with some of the largest and most disrespected (joke) companies in the world. Ask my advice on all things shipping and you will receive my blunt and always honest answer. Hang around to learn more about chartering and ship broker salaries, chartering and ship broker jobs, chartering and shipbroker recruitment agencies, cheap freight, maritime education, chartering and ship broker qualifications, become a ship broker, tips on how to be a successful bulk shipping executive, philosophy, Zen and the art of shipbroking, and much more. Yours The Virtual Shipbroker (NvdH) (recently proclaimed the guru of shipbroking) Copyright © 2020 by Virtualshipbroker Contact virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

Shipbroking/Chartering Books

Inside Shipbroking

The original - Written 10 years ago and continues to be a best seller. 5,000 copies sold into over 100 countries and in 5 maritime libraries. A must for all newcomers to the industry and/or those still trying to figure out its complexities.

The secrets of one of the worlds most glamorous and highly paid professions. Get in the door and get the edge!


Shipbroker Fast Track

Another best seller lauded for its unique simplicity but packed full of goodness.

Shipbrokings only 'Express' learning technique. Save time and money!


Starting a Shipbroking Business

This book has provided the springboard for at least a dozen new start ups. The only book written on this topic in 400 years, answers the most common questions for any shipping entrepreneur.
Shipbrokerage Business Plan

Follow a start-up dry cargo shipbroker business plan.



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