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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Time to say Hello!

Hi Guys

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Hi VS! Thank you for the very wonderful blog, it is definitely one of the most informative on the web. I am going to intern at one of the shipping brokerage this summer and had been binge reading your blog. I read all your posts within 2 weeks. The amount of information is really useful and it definitely helped me in my interview in securing the internship. I have 3 questions and I would be glad if you can answer them: 1) Are your books still available for purchase? 2) Any tips on converting my internship position to a permanent job as a trainee broker? 3) Is it a good time to enter the industry now? Thank you so much for your blog! Looking forward to more active posts from you :)


Thanks for the nice email and congratulations on securing the internship. its a good time to enter the industry. I reckon we are past the worst slump in living history and although the recovery will be slow - WE ARE RECOVERING!

to answer your questions

1) Yes the books are available for purchase - just click on the buy now button!
2) All the info you need to convert and kick goals are in those (my) books!!
3) and yes - As discussed earlier it is a good time to enter.

Keep rocking

The Virtual Shipbroker

BTW - If anyone is interested in the VS Chartering and Shipbroking certificate send me an email at virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

I may have a spot open...