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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Incase you were wondering...

Interesting stuff that Blogger allows me to see and check. They now give me stats and here are the results telling me people from which countries read my blog the most.

The numbers refer to individual page hits per month from each country

The top 10 are

United Kingdom 2,712
United States 1,794
Singapore 1,567
India 856
Greece 594
Denmark 488
Germany 473
Australia 303
Canada 299
South Korea 150

also check this out

Pageviews by Operating Systems

Windows 5,697 (85%)
Macintosh 661 (9%)
iPhone 152 (2%)
Linux 36 (<1%)
BlackBerry 27 (<1%)
Other Unix 19 (<1%)
Nokia 14 (<1%)
iPod 14 (<1%)
SonyEricsson 3 (<1%)
iPad 3 (<1%)

Not bad info for a free website platform


VS Voyage estimation software and tutorial

Sales were a little slow to start with but happy to say that many of you have now bought the VS voyage estimation software and tutorial.

Sales have really picked up in the last few weeks. Getting a good cross section of buyers too - from shipping companies, individual brokers and chartering officers, all the way through to trainees and students.

Some of you may have noticed that the pack is discounted for the time being. Will be putting it back to its RRP soon.

Thanks to everyone for the support of this project.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Market remains firm

Yep market remains firm.

You have probably noticed I am taking a short break from my consistent postings on this blog. In the the 18 months the blog as been in existence I think I have done fairly well averainge more than 10 posts per month.

I am extremely busy at the moment and in truth I just feel like taking a breather from my regular contributions. Fear not! I aint going anyway. Its a short 'non posting' sebatical to recharge the batteries. I will fire up again soon. I check the blog and emails everyday so please keep the communication coming if indeed you have something to ask me.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

The market has fought back nicely

click here to check the BDI which back around the 2,500 mark.

Nice comeback!

I have recently landed a new account and thats been keeping me busy. Lots of travel over the last 2 weeks. Sorry to those waiting for a reply from me.

Reverting Soonest