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Friday, April 27, 2012

shipping expert witness

I have had quite a good response to the call for shipping experts for the VS expert witness database. Half a dozen experts and growing!

So if you are a shipping expert in any area whether that be chartering, operations, management, crewing, offshore, snp, broking, agency, containers, surveying, tankers, dry cargo, multipurpose...anything shipping related  - then get in touch with me at virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

all geographical regios needed

And if you are a lawyer needing some expertise drop me a line..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I have been super busy recently...

Lots of work, lots of travel, 5 new awesome students, a house to build, and heaps of personal stuff going on...all of it good!

Some really interesting work developments. Despite a slow market quite a few new deals happening, some large some small. One thing that i am finding though is that despite the slow market the standard of some of the co brokers I am dealing with is sometimes hard to believe.

Guys with 20 years experience still not understanding some basic concepts and being sloppy with the way they go about completing deals.

Sloppiness is sometime forgiven when nothing goes wrong....but the moment something does go wrong and they inevitably do...bad work practices can come back to haunt...big time!

Good habits are important because brokers with good habits never seem to find themselves in trouble. Brokers with bad habits have a way of courting trouble.

This is nothing new in all aspect of life....

Geez im getting fired up for the olympics only 3 months away. I am one of those couch sloths who during both the world cup football and Olympic games would happily stay on a sofa 24/7 for weeks on end. All i need is a chest full of beer, some corn chips and the occasional change of clothes...

Taken last night. Vs unmasked!

And here you guys were thinking that i was a man of great sophistication....