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Hi. I am a shipping company director, transport academic, author, family man and all round nice guy. I have worked as shipbroker, shipowner, freight trader and bulk charterer, in senior positions, with some of the largest and most disrespected (joke) companies in the world. Ask my advice on all things shipping and you will receive my blunt and always honest answer. Hang around to learn more about chartering and ship broker salaries, chartering and ship broker jobs, chartering and shipbroker recruitment agencies, cheap freight, maritime education, chartering and ship broker qualifications, become a ship broker, tips on how to be a successful bulk shipping executive, philosophy, Zen and the art of shipbroking, and much more. Yours The Virtual Shipbroker (recently proclaimed the guru of shipbroking) Copyright © 2020 by Virtualshipbroker Contact virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com



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Going through the VS Dry Cargo Chartering and Shipbroking Certificate not only provided me with hard to find procedural knowledge on the chartering routines but, specially, the mindset --and the jargon and the 'respectful informality' implied by it-- that governs the relationship amongst shipbrokers, shipowners and charterers.

The privilege of being assigned realistic e-mail exercises on a daily basis by an experienced and successful shipbroker rewards the trainee with first-rate feedback and clarifications that span from shipping business theoretical knowledge all the way to the shipbroking community's Zeitgeist and written communications style.

What impressed me the most was VS' unfaltering availability, his openness towards all types of enquiries, his outright frankness and, above all, his genuine concern for the professional development and career progression of his students. I cannot overstate his commitment to the promotion of the shipbroking profession.

Luis AV (Americas)

'The Virtual Shipbroker Dry Cargo Chartering and Shipbroking Program was fantastic, I recommend it to anyone - awesome info, fair work load, great teacher and teacher's support along the way, good friends and incredible times. I would like to thank you VS simply for The Mentor Program it-self, it is absolutely worth the time and money.
My personal rating 6 stars of 5! :)'
(Mark B - Europe)


" VS certificate is a boot camp of real-life and demanding immersion into what is the really being a shipbroker. I had considerable theoretical knowledge that until know had great doubts how to apply. After completing about 3/4 of the certificate, have pulled together all that practical knowledge into something I can really use. The VS certificate is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will complement your theory and hone your skills to a new level. It will make the difference between talking about being a shipbroker and becoming one.

Had the oportunity to work with peers from every corner of the world and different backgrounds. If only a networking tool, this course is worth its weight in gold...but it is much more than networking.

VS is vastly knowledgeable and very generous with this knowledge. I doubt most people will have access to this level of mentorship somewhere else. Certainly the best training tool I have come across. Highly recommended if you are serious about shipbroking".

Alex L ....(North America)

(If you would like to contact these students for verification just drop me a email)

A current student - doing it tough!


  • Suitable for all chartering roles; Shipbroking, cargo chartering, shipowning and freight trading.

  • Suitable for those with very limited thru to intermediate experience. (0-7 years in the industry. Maybe more.. I have met people with 20 years experience who for whatever reason have great knowledge in one area but limited in another and want to learn more - which is great)

  • Next intake scheduled to start .....2021

  • Limited spaces. I reserve the right to accept or decline any students as I see fit.

  • Roughly a 3-4 month program - depending on speed of student. We have flexibility.

  • Student assigned a daily email task which to be completed within 24 hours

  • VS replies with comments and suggestions within 24 hours (usually).

  • Time needed = approx 30 minutes per day. If you can't spare the time don't enrol

  • Course can be tailored to specific needs.

  • All study material available from 'Inside shipbroking', 'shipbroker Fast Track' and the Internet.

  • No grades, no tests HOWEVER each task needs to be completed successfully before moving onto the next.

  • First 2 weeks money back guarantee (if you are not happy with the format you can drop out and get your money back)

  • Price Euro 975.00 per person. You must also purchase Inside Shipbroking and Shipbroker Fast Track if you haven't already.

    • Open to individuals and campany's alike.

    • Can be taken on an anonymous basis (privacy guaranteed)

    Some comments

    The purpose of the Program is to provide students with a “hands on”, interactive education that is unavailable anywhere else. There is no syllabus and the format is very relaxed and informal. I set the student a daily task and it is the job of the student to complete the task and answer the questions.

    In general we cover

    - Voyage charters
    - Time charters
    - Different markets (ships and cargoes)
    - Negotiation (voyage and TC)
    - Tips, tricks and one percenters
    - Communication with a purpose (every email/conversation matters)

    A key element to the Program is the process of communication. All other courses teach you facts and figures. I teach you fact and figures but I also teach the processes and the language of shipping. For example; How to send and reply to emails in an appropriate manner. Timing, wording and reading between the lines. We use real life examples of using real ships and real cargoes

    Importantly we concentrate on the negotiation process. You will participate in a voyage charter negotiation and a time charter negotiation, with a fellow student (with me playing the part of shipowner and charterer).
    The process always starts off with a bang with both student and teacher (me) fully motivated. After 1 month it is my experience that a little bit of fatigue sets in. We struggle for a while and then break on through having a great time in the last month before graduation. It is a learning module after all and there are some dry topics that we must cover.

    All up – you can see from the testimonials, students who have completed the course found it to be a very positive and valuable experience.


    To make a request to be put on the next short list (and if you have any questions) please send me an email to

    Tell me your name and a little bit about your background and why you would like to do the course.
    Spots are VERY limited. Sofar we have had between 5 and 8 students per intake

    I reserve the right to decline any application. The course is not suitable for everyone and I will make a judgement call only accepting those I think will benefit the most.

    The certificate is not sanctioned by any educational Institution. It is what it is - a professional development course for those with a little/intermediate 'chartering and shipbroking' knowledge, wanting to fast track their progress.

    Think of it as having your very own highly experienced (and successful) mentor shooting you interesting questions and setting interesting tasks. I am no full time academic with little real life experience, nor am I an overworked shipping executive poorly inclined to teach you his tricks of the trade.


    Another happy student

    "just my thoughts
    I have really enjoyed the experience and found it to be extremely use ful !

    Working in a small shop has been very difficult and while i have enjoyed being thrown into the deep end, i have also found it very difficult to learn and lower volumes of transactions has made it frustrating at times. This program is exactly what i needed.

    I have learnt something from every task...and overall the extra knowledge/feedback and tips has given me a lot of confidence.

    I enjoyed the correspondence and will feel a little lost when over :) Thanks for your time and help, and love your passion! (keep blogging!)

    Dont have any further suggestions. (if any - maybe some correspondence through msn?/ )


    GDL (SIngapore)

    The response from past and current students has been way beyond my expectations

    Just in

    "I've bought the three books you wrote about chartering, they are exactly what I needed for filling the holes of my ICS course and I was seriously thinking to go through your Dry cargo Chartering and Shipbroking Certificate starting in february. I want to be as much professional as I can when I will start working and I know that from the first day there I will strive for moving up in the 'corporate ladder', as this is part of my character. So I'm writing for put myself in the waiting list for February, and I hope to look fit for it". - MS (London)


    ´I can wholeheartedly say that this is the most valuable education that I have done. The content is challenging, relevant and it has really helped me understand a lot of elements in my office that I would have struggled to understand independently. In addition, VS is great in the way in which he promptly replies to any questions. Highly recommended!
    JDH (Asia - degree holder and trainee for one of the big 5)

    Send me an email registering your interest - You wont regret it!
    Email: virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

    The Virtual Shipbroker