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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Im still here - don't worry

You know how after working so hard on a project for a long period of time there comes a moment when you say 'I need a break'. It kind of creeps up on you like the flu. It reminds me of my time studying full time at University. Come the end of year, exams out of the way - you don't want to look at a book, pen or computer for 2 months. We need these breaks!

I have been blown away by the continued interest in the blog whilst taking this sabbatical. I check my emails every 2-3 days and sure enough the comments keep coming, the books keep selling and surprisingly my google analytics say that the readership numbers havent dropped at all. This is surprising because bloggers need to keep engaging their readers or the readers will get up and leave.

I think this is testament to a few things

1. There is so much 'content' on the blog that people can keep coming back and learning something new everytime. I tried to make a post every few days and I also tried to make each post interesting.
2. The general interest in shipbroking and chartering keeps growing.
3. There is no other site that tells it like it is....most other shipping websites are run by named people who have an interest in the status quo. They have reputations that involve not upsetting people. I on the other hand are anonymous and therefore provide unbiased views on the business.

A big thank you and HELLO to the new followers. Thanks for taking the plunge to show support for the blog.

To those of you who have sent me private messages checking on my wellbeing - many thanks. Im just chilling, laying low and enjoying myself on a few other projects.

To the person who offered USD 10k to have me fly out for a weekend of tutoring and a game of golf. Thanks - maybe down the track.

This blog aint going nowhere and I intend to add to it and develop it moving forward - maybe at a slower pace than previous. Blogs last forever in this modern word.....its a footprint. Probably last longer than all of us. Respect...

Geez - I should write when im feeling nostalgic.

Sincere thanks to all for your continued support

Keep Rocking

The Virtual Shipbroker