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Hi. I am a shipping company director, transport academic, author, family man and all round nice guy. I have worked as shipbroker, shipowner, freight trader and bulk charterer, in senior positions, with some of the largest and most disrespected (joke) companies in the world. Ask my advice on all things shipping and you will receive my blunt and always honest answer. Hang around to learn more about chartering and ship broker salaries, chartering and ship broker jobs, chartering and shipbroker recruitment agencies, cheap freight, maritime education, chartering and ship broker qualifications, become a ship broker, tips on how to be a successful bulk shipping executive, philosophy, Zen and the art of shipbroking, and much more. Yours The Virtual Shipbroker (recently proclaimed the guru of shipbroking) Copyright © 2020 by Virtualshipbroker Contact virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

Maritime Consultant

Anyone need a shipbroking / ship chartering consultant?

" I just cannot believe how everything can change from one day to another. I mean I know this is nothing special but for me it’s a huge step forward and incredible experience. VS and this is in 90% thanks only to you, if I wouldn’t have you consulting me I most likely again would end up watching others fixing orders i was working on. I cannot express in words how THANKFUL I am for your support. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!"

A side project of mine

The way it works is this.


If you are a Tech Start up, Mining or Agri company, Steel mill, Commodity marketer, Shipbroker, Charterer, Ship operator, Trading company etc and

Need Assistance
  • Setting up your shipping function/business?
  • Tech start up need independent inside information on the Industry
  • Negotiating time charter or voyage charter shipping contracts?
  • Formulating and/or negotiating charterparties?
  • Expert witness in Maritime legal battles
  • With demurrage/despatch calculations?
  • Marketing (incl websites)?
  • Planning?
  • Need some general mentoring?
  • Writing a shipping market report (weekly/monthly/yearly)?

Drop me an email.

I realise that most of you cannot pay me a USD 300k per year salary to be your CEO or hire me for USD 3,000 per day (my going commercial rate). I also realise that many of you have limited cashflow and probably dont need a full time mentor. Just someone to lead you in the right direction...

Good news....Truth is im dirt cheap. I also only expect payment when I get results. And because im on call only when you need me....well...that works for me too.

PS - I only accept a few clients at any one time.

(take advantage of the VS global network - anytask, anytimzone)

Send a message to virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com for further info


We retained VS's consultant services for shipping related projects in our trading company. Although we have a small traffic department, through VS's services, our company was able to negotiate with utmost confidence. The deals were closed within the expected timeframe and under budget. Beyond this, VS's consultancy allowed my company to "catch" business opportunities that would have been beyond our reach otherwise.

Among the main benefits of VS's services, is to be able to tap into expertise that would have taken the company years or lots of money to achieve. Saving us from a lengthy and costly learning curve, allowed us to take advantage of business opportunities that were usually exploited by other biz partners (suppliers, etc). Its like having our own shipping department with minimal overhead.

VS's consultancy services allowed us to:

1) Close deals which have brought in business and profit.

2) Negotiate terms with much confidence and expertise allowing us to increase initially forecast income by an average 35%.

3) Saved us countless hours and legal fees.

4) Was crucial in maintaining a swift pace in negotiations and structuring the contracts in a safe and commercially sound way.

5) to work multiple contracts without any major disputes and helped us keep minor issues, well…minor.

6) Make repeat business with our business partners by creating momentum and strengthening the company's commercial standing.

7) Profit from several business opportunities related to main business but previously undetected.

Although most praise in my company came from VS's direct increase to our bottom line, I believe that seldom real business success is in the size of the deal or the "closing price". In my experience, the real money is made or lost in the negotiation and the architecture of the biz, long before any money exchanges hands. VS's consultancy services provided increased profitability but also provided us with intangibles that will remain with the company for years to come. We are extremely satisfied to have contracted VS consultant services and will remain doing so in the future.

Alex l.

(full contact / email reference available )