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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

update on junior salaries from a former student of mine


btw VS, just completed 2 years as a broker a few weeks ago, and I guess I’ll update the salary question bc that’s usually what everyone wants to see. I went from 45k the first year, to 55k the second year, to 75k into my current contract, not including bonuses. Currently in discussion with a few other shops/principals offering about 90k if I stay in the country I am in, and close to $120,000 if I go abroad. If I can get a handle on this, anyone can.


Many thanks update. Not sure where you are and what currency you are using but either way whether it is USD, Euro, Pounds or Sing not a bad progression and a nice wage for someone in the game for 2 years..

Keep me updated - you are a legend!



  1. Was referring to USD. I know of 3yr exp guys making 120k in the country I'm in, but I also know of 3yr exp guys making 55k. All depends how good you are and what shop you're with.

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  3. Hi VS!

    i discovered your blog a few days ago and i love it! i found it helpful and funny.

    i am a naval architecture and marine engineering student in turkey(ITU). i want to be a shipbroker so now i am working as an intern in a shipping company to see how these companies working. they taught me chartering terms, demmurage/dispatch calculations and showed me their old recaps and they let me to fallow their negotiations but i know it is not enuogh.

    firstly do you think i need a master program to become shipbroker? can i start working as a trainee in a large ship brokerage firm after my graduation? do they hire engineers as trainee?[an engineer from turkey :( ]

    secondly what should i do after my graduation? i can go abroad for masters programmes. which program i should take and which school i should prefer?

    Best regards


    1. Hello Orun

      Sounds like you should stay at the shipping company you are interning at!