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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shipbroker Resume's and Cover Letters

Over the last 12 months I have enjoyed helping out many of you with getting your resumes and cover letters right. Apart from having these two things in perfect working order it is also essential you have a plan of attack. No point in sending out emails in cyberspace hoping and praying for a reply.

Anyway...with all the requests I have (coupled with all my other commitments) I need to be a little more time savvy so that i can reply to those who really need my help. So from now on for those of you wanting help with resume's, letters and a plan of attack I will be asking that you make a donation of USD 20.00 by pressing the donation button at the bottom right hand corner of the blog. That will then allow me to prioritise my time in a more efficient manner and help out those who really do need some assistance getting this important facet right. I once paid someone 75 bucks for the same privilege so its still a good deal.

Thanks for your understanding.



  1. Just to reiterate. CV and covering letters are key (not to point out the obvious). It took me 4 months to get a job in ship broking, and before that 4 months of preparing my CV and covering letter through family friends in head hunting and recruiting. In the end, got the formula right and got the responses and invites to interviews... my first batch of 9 applications got me 6 interviews. I think VS services would definitely be worth every penny.

    Also, emails are easier to delete than letters.

    1. Would you be kind enough to send me a copy of your covering letter and C.V. I'm struggling a little at the moment and so would enjoy your help.


  2. VS, your guidance is priceless. I think at 15$ it's a steal!!

  3. Aspiring shipbrokerJuly 25, 2010 at 4:39 AM

    Had been sending out numerous resumes without geeting any interview. After consulting VS, I realised my resume really had a major problem. The help and advice he has given is useful and spot on. I am now going to send out my resumes and am confident that I should have some replies. Thanks VS!

  4. I hesitate ad first to give 20 USD to a person to fix my resume.

    it turned out that it was the 20 USD better spent of my life.

    In only a day I have received incredible positive feedback from the persons i have sent my cover letter and resume

    Not only he fixed and gave some pointers the first time on resume and cover letter, but he also asked me to RESEND for a double check, once I was done including his recommendations.

    is that customer service or what?!?!

    I will definately recommend anyone to do this. Besides any of us will spend 20USD on a nightout, why not invest that money in something useful.

  5. Incase you are wondering how I get people to write testimonials.....

    Simple - I ask! If they are happy with my service i ask them to write something nice.

    Broking tip 1329 - Ask and you shall receive

    Broking tip 1330 - Always provide value for money

    Broking tip 1331 - Never lose a chance to turn a clients good expeirience into a chance to promote your service.


  6. HI VS,

    I intend to apply for a position at both Maersk and HPH graduate programmes. I realise that they are not quite the same variant as shipbroking, but similarities could still be drawn between the two.

    Would you care to proofread my curriculum vitae and cover letter too in this respect?

  7. Hello,

    For all of you that are considering getting help from VS:

    The advice is priceless. You'll receive feedback within 1 day with great tips/hints how to make your resume/cover letter to stand out. I would strongly recommend this service, you will not regret it!

  8. Hi VS

    Are you still using your yahoo mail? Sent you an email but didn't get a reply. Thank you

  9. virtual shipbrokerJuly 27, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    I sure do - WHo are you?

  10. Do you know of any Broking Jobs available?

  11. Dear VS,

    I am a Uni graduate hoping to set out on a path that will enable me to build a career in the shipbroking industry. I feel I have all the skills and pre-requisits to do so, and am a committed worker & constant learner. However, like many, I have no-one that can aid me in my CV and (especially) Coverletter drafting which has hampered my efforts. I was wondering if you are currently available to do so in my case? thank you for your time and attention,

  12. yes i can

    you need to make a donation (see bottom right of this blog) and then send me your resume and cover letter for checking


  13. Hi VS I have just donated and emailed you my CV and covering letter. I really want to break into the business and will do pretty much anything to get there

  14. Hi Jess

    Never say you will do "anything"...

    Much safer to say "i have lots to offer".

    Good luck

  15. Hi VS,

    I ve been visiting your site for some months and i am thinking to buy your books.
    I am working in a company as a trainee shiprepair broker! any infos about ship repairs?commisssions etc?
    In any of your books could i find infos about that?

    Thank you in advance.

  16. Dear VS,

    Yesterday I made a donation and I sent you an email with my cover and resume. Please, let me know if you received it.

    I hope you can help me.

    Great blog,

    A. Arrojo

  17. Dear VS,

    I sent you an email with my CV and cover letter attached a few weeks ago after making a donation and buying your book. Have you received it and had a chance to look at it.

    Thanks a lot


    1. Hello Luca

      Did you manage to get a reply from VS?


  18. Dear VS

    I have a strong interest in ship broking, would greatly appreciate some feed back on my C.V and cover letter. If you're still active I'll send an email to your account with those enclosed and make a donation at the same time.



  19. Hi VS,

    Ship broking has interested me for sometime. I have been working in a completely different industry for the past two years since my graduation.

    How am I to move into ship broking from here on. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

  20. Hi VS,

    Are you still receiving donations for guidance on resumes, cover letters and CV's if so, I need some assistance and will donate right away.

    Excellent blog by the way!


  21. Still providing help with Shipbroker Trainee applications?

  22. Mr.Virtual Shipbroker I am trying for four years to get a trainee position in shipbroking company. Are you providing help with trainee application still? Thanks Alex

  23. Good Day,

    straight to the point i am a graduate Chemical Engineer looking to enter the ship broking Industry (LNG Preferably). I am Fortunate to be working at a importation terminal of LNG thus why i gained interest. soon I hoping to work for the commercial department to get an overall understanding of client contracts and the LNG shipping industry. So i have had some exposure to shipping but don't know how relevant so i need to play my strengths.

    Recently i got in contact with a S&P agent at Clarkson (Just by being brave as i had nothing to lose and everything to gain). and he said i can call him if i had any questions......this is a snip the email i sent

    " I am a recent graduate who works for LNG importation terminal at Grain, so I have had some exposure to the shipping environment. Over time i have really got interested into the commercial side of LNG, and from this I would like to pursue a career within the ship broking industry in the near future.

    Ship broking looks like a very exciting and fast pace career , from the research I have conducted I believe it will be my perfect profession (even brought Maritime Economics) therefore I need to make the bold steps to get their.

    Is it possible you could give me advice on what skills I require and how to land a job at a shipping brokerage, also your own experiences in the industry? I know this is a very niche career, but that's what attracts me to it!!"

    long story short, i want to get a list of all the possible questions i could ask him, to show my interest in the industry.

    i am very passionate about ship broking and LNG. i even have a twitter account showing my views " @samuel_oil_gas "

    should i ask about employment?
    advice how to get in the industry?

    Currently im building my case i just want to be in the best position possible before i apply.

    Thank you for you time!

  24. oh sorry this is my email, (Chemical Engineer)


  25. Hello VS,

    I send you an email last week with donation for cover letter and resume improvement, but haven't get back from you yet. If you received it, could you please give me some feedback? Much much appreciated!

    My email is xiyu524@gmail.com


  26. Hi

    Are you still reviewing CV S. For donations?

  27. Is this still going ? If it is shut up and take my money! Joking aside I would like you to go over my CV