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Monday, April 26, 2010

Shipbroker Salary update

Every few years the chartering employment market goes through a period of consolidation. We are in the middle of one now.

Most firms have emerged post gfc in fairly good shape and the market is reasonably bouyant. As a consequence we are seeing people move from shop to shop and from desk to desk. People are leaving jobs in search of better pay and conditions. Companies are once again clamouring for the best available talent.

The losers have been the firms that have been slow to react to this new bouyant climate. Last years corporate policies dont fit todays market realities.

This will settle down soon imo.

There is still a huge shortage of experienced well perfornmed chartering people.


The new packages for senior chartering execs (fixing machines) in places like Singapore, Switzerland, Dubai and Hong Kong are getting up towards the 350-450k per year mark (all inclusive incl accom, bonus etc). Up 30-50 percent from say 3 years ago.

Good money in anyones language.



  1. Dear VS,

    I have never worked purely as a shipbroker although part of my job is looking for specialised tonnage for our clients (H/L, sea-river etc)and we approach shipbrokers to find tonnage for us.. How quickly a shipbroker can progress from let us say 25-28K to over 40-50K?


  2. Hi Denis

    That depends on how the shipbroker approaches his/her job. In inside shipbroking I discuss how a shipbroker / chartering person can increase their incomes quickly over a relatively short period of time.