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Sunday, April 11, 2010

shipbroker trainee thread

Has has 63 replies - easily the favorite thread.

Lats few posts I will attempt to answer

Hi there,

I'm a near graduate student from Turkey, northwestern side. It is also being completed, which I'm studying during 5 years inside and finallly will become a oceangoing officer. But, sure that in this time of globalling, it is a compulsory to do something more. I decide to learn a language more, different from German, Turkish and British also. And aslo wondering which language is better to known in shipbroking sector different from those. Lookin' help.


April 7, 2010 1:30 PM

Anonymous said...

Dear VS

Firstly, congratulations on an excellent blog!

Secondly, I have been selected for the first stage of interviews for a Graduate Scheme for a leading shipbroking company. I have a BSc in Maritime Business and Maritime Law, and currently studying to obtain a Masters degree.

I am asking whether you have any advice for anybody preparing for an interview? Or any idea of what sort of questions are likely to be asked? I have already messed up a telephone interview with another leading firm, and really don't want to mess up again!

Thanks for your time, and once again excellent blog!
April 7, 2010 4:13 PM

Dear Egemen
Thanks for the message. You already know German, Turkish and English - well done.
FYG - I only know one language and its called "poorly written English"!
That should answer your question. Language is important but there are lots of better ways to spend your time IF the reason you are learning languages is to land a chartering job.
Try the ICS exams and my books. That will save you years.
If you are intent on learning an emerging shipping language 'Bhutanese' is making a late charge!
Hello Anon - good luck with your interview. One piece of advice - don't tell them you are studying for a masters!. Im only half joking. Although study is very important most shipbrokers have little is any formal education - remember brokers historically come from a long line of academically challenged, spoilt, rich kids.
This is offcourse changing and more brokers come with degrees attached. But I need to emphasise the point. Dont play up to your academic prowess. More important will be how they perceive your drive and willingness to do what it takes to be a fixing machine.
Check out 'inside shipbroking' where I reveal some of the traits that employers look for.
Best of luck

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