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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dry and Wet shipbroker trainee spots

click here for Trainee position in athens


  1. Hello VS!!
    Thanks for the blog and the information!! This blog is very encouraging for newbies to the shipping world like me. I am sure you have got similar mails from other people in the shipbroker trainee thread. However, i did not find anyone with my particular backgrounds.

    I am a Civil engineering graduate from India. However, I am currently pursuing a master program in Maritime operations and management from City University London. I have no practical work expereince in the maritime industry or any industry for that matter.

    I have applied to quite a lot of trainee positions in ship broking and bunker trading, but most of them seem to reject my application. After having read your blog, I understood that it is indeed tough to get into the market and also that we should tend to downplay our qualifications as it is an entry position . However, I do not understand why almost all the companies are rejecting me despite pursuing a master program very much related to shipping. I also know how to perform voyage estimations which I learnt through one of my courses(i assume this would be an advantage).

    It would be really helpful if you could provide me some insight on how to improve my application for ship broking trainee or bunker trader trainee positions. I can send also send you my CV in a personal mail if you can spare some time for that from your schedule.

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  2. Hello Badari

    In the absence of practicle work experience you should not playdown your academic qualifications - its all you have!

    Your qualifications are more suited to entry level post fixture / vessel operations. Even though your course covered voyage estimation they did so in a very simple manner. There is no way you could run a vessel calculation in the real world using the indistry software. Running a voyage calculation is not just about the mathematics - you need to know how the market works.

    So my advice to you is that if you intend to merely send resumes off in the mail and hoping for a reply it just wont happen. You need to get on the front foot.

    Check out Inside Shipbroking for the inside word.


    ps- people need to be careful aboput playing down qualifications. In the right circumstances yes you should play it down but otherwise it is very important aspect of your history.

  3. Hi VS!
    Thank you very much for your valuable advice. I will indeed buy the Inside shipbroking.
    The situation is much more clear to me now.

    Thanks again for your time!

  4. Hi VS,

    I was looking at your salary section, and noticed you did not have anything for trainees.

    What would you say is a fair starting salary for a ship broker trainee?

  5. Good question! Its a hard one to pin down. Depends on where you are and the level of competition.

    In the major centers i think the starting salary of a trainee should be inline with other graduate trainne salaries in say accounting. EG London around the 20k pound mark. USA around the USD 30k mark. Singapore 2-3 k per month.

    I am seeing trainees being forced onto commission type deals which I think is unreasonable. Trainees can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before they do a deal!


  6. Dear VS,

    Your Figure for Singapore is spot on.


  7. Suraz - Thats why they call me the Sultan of Shipbroking.

    (ok ive asked my kids to call me that....to no avail)

  8. Hello VS,
    It's me again..:)..

    Great books indeed! I bought two of your books and they are very practical and gave me much more insight into the industry.

    I had a query about the VS mentor program which is mentioned in one of your books. What exactly is this program? I would like to gather some more details about this with regards to cost and entry requirements among other issues. Could you please give me some information regarding this?

    Many Thanks to 'Inside Shipbroking'. It will definitely help a lot of newbies like me!

    Best Regards

  9. Hello Badari

    The VS mentor Program is an indepth 3 month program of one on one tutoring between the student and myself. Each day the student receives a chartering related task by email and needs to complete it.

    As the tasks are completed we fire questions back and forward to eachother - like a game of tennis. It's a great way to learn.

    The first 2 students have nearly completed the program. They both say they have learnt an enormous amount and they will both receive a certificate at the end of the process.

    For me the program has been well worth while but also quite exhausting for me. Before I take any new students I will need to make sure I have enough time on my hands so that I dont get burnt out.

    There may be another uptake later in the year.

    I hope this helps


  10. Hello VS,
    It does seem like a great way to learn.

    If you are planning for another uptake later this year, could you please let me know about the dates and other formalities/preparations in order to enroll for this.

    If you prefer to contact by email, then my email id is badri1986@gmail.com

    Best Regards