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Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011

With the power vested in me (as the sage of shipbroking, the lama of liberia, the ayatolla of passing gibraltar) I now pronounce 2011

The year of the shipbroker.

Under seige for sometime from cranky shipowners, cantankerous charterers, a falling US dollar and a plunging baltic dry index - its time to take stock and be thankful for all the good we (collectively) as shipbrokers, can look forward to, in the year that will be 2011.

The sun will still rise, ships will still sail and the world will not end (atleast until 2012).

In what could be humankinds penultimate year (if you believe the conspiracy theorists) lets make this one a year to remember. Celebrate your wins with more gusto then usual. Ring the bell until your ears bleed. Dont sweat on the small stuff - leave the gossip at the front door.

And while youre at it

Climb that mountain,
Dive that reef,
Run that marathon
Shag that (sorry i mean love) that person like you have never loved them before

Because people - we are SHIPBROKERS!


Stand on your desk and scream it at the top of your lungs - "I AM A SHIPBROKER".

Do it - Do it NOW!

Ok - anyone feel better?

Can courstesy of the Virtual Shipbroker

HAPPY 2011



  1. ... and in case this doesnt work and you get thrown of the desk,... you can still embark on a carreer in stand-up comedy :-)

    My best wishes and Fair Winds for 2011!!

    Happy Fixing!!

  2. Try and channel 'Jack Black' for maximum results.

  3. Hi VS
    I am a new reader of your blogs and have been following them for quite sometime. I thank you on behalf of the other readers that you have extended your ideas voluntarily to so many (both experienced and newbies) who want to get the taste and flavour in the ship brokering and chartering domain.You are the 'guru' and let me proclaim that honestly and loudly.
    I have come to you for your advice. I was a naval architect by profession and later on joined an MBA program ( specializing in Finance and strategy) which I am about to complete in Aprl'11. Before that I graduated from a reputed engineering college in India and majored there in Ocean Engineering &Naval Architecture.
    At this stage on the verge of completing my MBA I want your opinion on my fit for ship brokering and chartering. How do I stand with and MBA degree and a maritime background to step into this field. What else do I have to build in my profile ? Can you also suggest some firms who can be potential recruiters for me ? What roles in a brokerage should I look for?
    I am sincerely waiting for your opinion and my career lot depends on your advice and opinion.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year !!

  4. Hi There

    All good questions. Many of which are answered in 'Inside shipbroking'. Kudos for making contact. The key to success is being proactive and resourseful and you well your way.

    Best of luck