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Thursday, January 20, 2011

point of clarification

It has been mentioned by someone to me that there may be a persepction that i delete blog comments from others that I dont like.

Its true - I am able to moderate (delete) posts that I dont like. Luckily for me I have deleted a grand total of 4 comments in 2 years of operation.

Yes a whole 4!


1. if someone tries to sell something in the comment ie there is a link to a product. Yes even a past chairman of the ICS who sent me blog message for publication - included in his message a link to his own consultancy business which i deleted. I get many people who only make comments as a way of propomting their own businesses. Its a standard way for interenet marketers to try and increase readership and advertise for free and well patronised blogs. I wont allow it.

2. If someone is abusive (happened once)

3. If someone asks a question that has been repeated many times

4. If it is obvious that the person has an agenda other than to advance the discussions important to shipbrokers.

Incase yu are wondering in 2 years I have had no negative reviews to any of my blog posts, books or software. None that I have seen or that I have moderated anyway. That certainly does not get vetted. Ask around people like my books! I cant help it. Not one request for a refund except on a software that we had trouble on one computer.

Many people send me private messages and we have discussions on a private basis regarding interesting topics which is great. But when someone sends something deliberately antagonistic and wants it to be published then it wont happen.

And btw I only publish a 1/10 of the compliments my books, blogs and course get. I dont wanna bore yu.

You be the judge - follow your instincts. its all good.

keep rockin


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