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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Should VS Twitter?

Im not convinced but alas I have set up a twitter account. I havent done a tweet yet (do you really want to know when im sitting on the toilet reading tradewinds?) and yet some of you have tracked me down and asked to follow my tweets....which appreciated.

My wife says I have nothing useful to say and my kids dont seem to understand my basic instructions so im not sure I am the tweetable type.

You never know...if i tweet I will tell this blog so that yu can all decide if you wanna follow or not.



  1. Hi VS
    Not sure if twitter is the right medium for your target group. The problem with twitter is that you can only post very short messages. This is ideal for quick and short messages like market updates, etc.. but not for your detailed posts. Maybe that way you'll loose the essence of your posts.
    On the other hand I think it could be a great tool to promote your blog, books, classes, etc... By the way I bought 'Inside shipbroking' a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it thoroughly!
    No need to post this comment on the blog ;-)

    Cheers JP
    PS hope you were able to shoot all the trouble down under

  2. Some good points jeep.

    im not sure i wanna spend many hours twitting inane one line comments. When do I get to smell the flowers? (metaphore people)

    still undecided

    BTW - crazy devastation downunder. Lucky not many people dead but ecologically huge issues. Great Barrier reef could be effected.