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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Readership growing

Over the last 3 days this blog has broken a few readership records with over 600 individual hits on each day. Still humble by google standards but great for a brokers blog.

Incase yu were wondering - the top ten for last 7 days

United Kingdom 484
United States 437
Singapore 408
Greece 272
India 153
Australia 124
Canada 81
Denmark 72
Spain 71
Netherlands 53

Thanks for reading!


  1. which are the most surprising countries VS? did any country on the list surprise you..now pls dnt mention Bhutan...:)

  2. sz

    thanks yours

    Most surprising has been the variety of countries. Shown is only the top 10 but I regulalry get visitors from the strangest of places. I would say I have regular visitors from over 60 countries and have now sold books into over 40.

    The biggest surprise in a way is the lack of readership in Japan but there are reasons for this. Mostly Japan Inc. Different work culture there. I have sold a few books into Japan but not many. In south Korea I have a few avid (and appreciated) readers. You rock skorea!


  3. I have a qn VS, hope to hear your view.
    Why does voyage cargo always pay better than a time charter trip? Is it due to better control over the costs?

  4. Thanks for mentioning S.Korea. Yes, the different culture makes sense in your view. Here it is said shipbrokers should remain low profile. Japan may be same on it.
    But it will change anyhow to survive against direct brokering from the west; due to need of better information, commission etc.