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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Festive Season

Taking the opportunity to wish everyone a happy festive season. I wont say Merry Christmas because we have people of all faiths who read this blog.

The lead up to xmas is hectic. No one wants an open ship or open cargo in the period between xmas day and the new year. And if they do we pity the poor trainee, or infact the older warhorse, who has drawn the short straw and must man the phones and computers during this period.
Those of us with school age children have the perfect excuse to recharge our batteries, contemplate the year that was, and get in some fishing, skiing, surfing or spot of golf (depending where you live).

my wife loves dressing for xmas!
Thank you to all those people who have supported this blog in its first full year of existence. Its strange being a blogger - im not sure exactly what keeps me going being so busy in all aspects of my life. I think its the feedback that get from happy readers and students that fires me up. In shipping we dont tend to get such positive feedback on such a regular basis. You might get a pat on the back here and there and a bonus for producing revenues above expectations - but i can safely say there is nothing quite like someone telling you that you have made a positive impact on their lives by guiding them through the maze that is international shipping.

I get just as much buzz from selling a 30 buck book as i do from doing a deal worth 15k commission. (Selling a book is still someway behind conculding a coa or doing a nice 5 year period deal - but not much which may surprise many of you).

I look forward to helping others in 2011 and beyond (agw, wp).

Stay happy and safe over christmas

Click here for the latest wikileaks christmas scandal.
ciao for now



  1. Hi VJ thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience the past year! You rock!
    Keep on rocking in 2011!
    Have a good one.

  2. Thanks for the great blog VS. Keep it up!


  3. I would like to join above + best wishes. Your blog is the Best.
    Keep it up!!!!!

    Mark B

  4. Thank you Mark - Mark is a legend / looking for a break - and anyone out there in Europe looking for a trainee should contact me to get in contact with Mark. I recommend him!