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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If in doubt - pass it on!

A golden rule for negotiations - especially if English is not your first language. If as a broker you are unsure regarding the meaning of a certain sentence, word or term - dont try and interpret it yourself. Go back to your principal and ask them for clarification. The other thing is this - as a broker you may not understand the meaning of everything, but there is every chance that the person you are representing does. So if in doubt - just pass on the message making no changes and without adding your interprative comments. This will save you time and angst.

Let me put this another way - I often see brokers get into trouble by trying to priovide a commentary on something they dont understand. Keep it simple and stay out of trouble. A brokers job is not to be clever. A brokers job is to get a deal done quickly and easily - full stop!

Ever heard of the KISS principle?


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  1. Ah, one favorite of mine is the "eventually" misunderstanding between french and english...sooh tricky!