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Saturday, December 4, 2010

This weeks Top 10 - visitors to the blog

United Kingdom 446
United States 327
Singapore 217
India 182
Greece 163
Australia 80
Netherlands 68
Russia 62
Malaysia 48
Germany 45


  1. In some ways reflects the shipping market excluding Hong Kong.

  2. No Norway and Denmark which usually make the top 10.

    Most conspicuous regular absentees are Japan China and Skorea. Actually South Korea sometimes makes the top 10 but Japan and China rarely.

    Still have many readers from there but not as many as from other countries


  3. The main reasons should the the language barrier - english is not one of the top points in these 3 countries- and hence they even prefer dealings with their own folk - brokers - owners - charts. if the blog can be translated into these 3 languages, sure the patronage will boom

  4. Can you tell me few countries if one looking for job in ship broking and chartering?