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Thursday, December 9, 2010

True Story

A magician was once employed by a the old Armada bulk to entertain the crew during long sea passages. It was paid for with the money recieved from the 1,500 CVE the headowner would negotiate in any time charter deal.

Interestingly for the magician, the captain just happened to own a parrot (fun ship to be crew) which always insisted on being part of the acts put on by the magician. He would perch on the edge of the small stage and screech, "He does it with a mirror" or "Hes got it up his sleeve."

The magician was furious, but since the bird was a favorite with the captain and he was anxious to retain his position for future voyages, he maintained an angry silence.

One evening as the magician worked, the parrot continued to harass the unfortunate man. Sadly the ship ran into a mine which had become detached from the sea floor after a storm. The explosion tore the bow off the ship which sank within a few minutes. Amid the wreckage and the lifeboats, the magician sat on one end of a table from the captains private dining room. At the other end sat the parrot, dirty and disheveled, his feathers caked with f uel oil. For some time they eyed each other malevolently saying nothing.

Finally the parrot shook himself and advanced across the table. He fixed the magician with a beady eye.

"Okay, I give up," he squawked. "What did you do with the ship?"


He wasnt the only magician working at Armanda in those days. You should have seen the chartering department! (boom boom tish - Im sure I could write for Letterman)


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