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Friday, July 10, 2020

Shipbroker hedge - dealing with an uncertain future Part 2

This is the second part of my series intended to help the chartering fraternity deal with uncertainty through creative ideas, investments and side hustles

4 - Buy a ship!

As a shipbroker for example - we might think that technology is likely to render some of our services redundant in the future (I beg to differ). Just to be safe - why not hedge that risk by joining the dark side and becoming a shipowner. Stuff will always need to be moved!

Now this might sound like a bit of a stretch.....I mean who amongst the chartering desk has a spare 20 million sitting around? NOT ME....

Here's the thing - the way we own things is starting change. Did you know that in some parts of the world you can buy a share of a house. So you get to own 'part' of a house for as little as 500 bucks.....

This is great for young people unable to buy a full house, and its even great for micro investors looking to spread their risk. As the price of the house goes up your investment goes up and vice versa.

WELL we can now do that with ships. There are a few groups around the place who are asking for minimum type investments to be part of syndicates to buy ships.

Do some research / due diligence etc and see what you can find. These guys Marvest are onto something but I think have gone a little quiet recently (with the crazy market)

5 - Buy Shipping stocks

Again - for any ship chartering boffin its almost impossible to know how to pick which areas of shipping will boom and which will bust over the long term. I regularly receive emails from brokers asking which markets I believe will have the greatest growth in the future. The harsh truth - I DON"T KNOW. I could guess but I prefer to let the experts do the picking.

2 ways - Buy into a shipping fund or purchase individual shipping stocks..

Splash wrote an article on this HERE although I do question their idea that regular Joes (and Janes) can purchase FFA's which are business to business transactions..

6. Sperm Donor

Ok so this one is for the chaps. 
In the UK a sperm donor receives 35 pounds per visit....USA between 35 and 120 bucks per visit...Singapore 100 Bucks...
On a business trip - have some spare time between meetings? why not be productive?

From latest calculations there may be close to 750 mini virtual shipbrokers around the globe. Quite the money spinner.
More to come

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