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Monday, February 2, 2015

I know what you are thinking!

Alright Guys and Girls i'm back.

Thanks again for your patience. Was a great trip and have spent the last month or so getting back into the swing of my real life. Highlight of the trip was seeing Messi, Suarez and Neymar score against PSG (Zlatan also scored) at the Camp Nou in December. Shipping took a back seat.

I have many emails that need answering so I will get to them over the next week.

The books keep selling and I appreciate all the positive feedback. I need to write a new one this year - note to self.


Ability to predict behaviour

Brace yourself for some VS pseudo psychology - its been a while brewing in my head.

On the topic about what makes a good trader / shipbroker and also after watching Messi live at the Camp Nou - somehow it made me think of a TED talk I watched while surfing the net a while back.

This TED talk is about a thing called 'Theory of Mind' - and theory of mind essentially is about our ability (or lack of) to read someones else's thoughts. A mind reader no less. No this is not whack job stuff its actually scientific and there is a part of the brain that is either "active or not - or somewhere in between'. I wonder if a genius sports persons innate ability to 'predict' what is about to happen is what makes Messi and Ronaldo better than the rest? Could this also explain why some traders / shipbrokers are better than others. Trading is all about psychology.....predicting what the market will do...Pure economics people!

Here is the TED talk for those inclined

(I predict most shipbrokers will get bored after 1 minute.............see how easy this is)

Good to be back. Drop me a line to say Hi!


  1. Hi VS, good to see you back :)

    I am just wondering; is there any kind of webpages or "wiki's" that you recommend in order to learn the shipbroker terminology/lingo?
    I am finishing my bachelors in shipping management this summer so it would be a lifesaver for me.

    On another note: Do you still offer a CV/Cover letter guidance? (for a fee of course)

    Best regards,


  2. Hi There. Good to be back. Best place for lingo are my books fast track and inside shipbroking.

    re cv ad cover letters - i havent done one for quite some time - even for a fee because i was getting swamped with requests. I have a cunning plan (to help out those who need cv and cover letter help) which should be ready in a week or two.