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Monday, November 17, 2014

VS Tour - I'm off!

Visiting - making myself available to a few friends / clients over the next 3 weeks. London, Geneva, Italy, Spain and Doha.

Look forward to seeing you all.

New blog post (by me) will be in a short hiatus over this time..

Keep rocking


  1. HI VS..

    my name is Daniel and i've been reading you for months and yesterday i bought your book "inside shipbroking",i really enjoyed it. I'am from Genoa,Italy..Are you coming here also or nearby??I'd really like to meet you!!

    THanks for everything!

  2. Hi VS!
    I am currently looking for a trainee/junior position as shipbroker, and I was just wondering, you as an established shipbroker; what is the qualities and skills you would look for if you were to hire a trainee/junior?
    And secondly; do you offer any guidance on CV and/or cover letters for a fee?

    Best regards

  3. Happy holiday!

    Greeting all the way from Singapore!

  4. VS, I am working as a trainee in a mayor offshore broker company, but the truth is that there is no such trainee, must of the time I am proactive and asking and finding myself stuff to do but no one is willing to train me. Is this normal? trainees are like this? ..

  5. Seems like a very long holiday...? ;)