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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whats shipbroking about then?

As readers of the blog will know I run a consultancy business for anyone wanting highly confidential, expertise when fixing deals. And i Don't mean my real work (what I do for a living) I mean a Virtual Shipbroker Consultancy Business.

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The great news is that a handful of really smart people have taken me up on the consultancy offer and are kicking huge goals.

Had two on line today with two different problems which really goes to the heart of what makes a great broker.

Both have problems. Both cannot get owners to offer for various reasons. One client has an owner who is aggressive on rates for a substantial coa (contract of affreightment) but on checking with agents see's that charterers have issues with surveyors and ships being rejected because of hold cleanliness issues. The other client cannot seem to bridge the gap of USD 2.00 between charterers ideas and the best offers he has from owners....

Guess what people - Welcome to shipbroking!

If it were easy everyone would do it. The best shipbrokers love "problems" because problems need to be solved and a shipbroker worth his commission can now ply his / her trade.

What is needed?

Good communication between all parties.

I often see fixtures fall apart because Principal A doesn't really understand what Principal B is doing - or why there is hesitation. Often the broker in between has no idea either. So a good brokers see a problem, get to the bottom of understanding the problem, and with the right "touch" find solutions which eventuate in a FIXTURE.

If someone doesn't see a problem, let alone understand how this problem can be solved - well.... they get nowhere.

This is where having me as a consultant comes in. I help see problems before they arise, help solve them, help make you money, help teach you in the process...

WIN / WIN....

Hire me! ha...


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