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Sunday, October 2, 2011


One of my students has asked the following



What do you think abt spoofing? Ofc i do not spoof. I often catch out other brokers spoofing or that indicate without authority.

My close principals and i realize very quiclkly when this happens.

What do you do in this case, do you communicate to the other principle?

Thank you in advance


Anyone care to offer a definition of spoofing and give this person some advice. Its a great question and deserves some discussion

The virtual shipbroker (tackling the questions others fear to answer)


  1. Yes indeed , notwithstanding maritime ethics market broker battles force some crafty guys to imitate indications / short firm offers in order to get more chances(by getting full terms/details of biz) to commit/attract particular owner to work through their channel. Yes thats what i imagine under that term "spoofing".

    That step cud be made due to different reasons.

    First is that broker and owner are good mates and for example certain account owner wrks
    through particular broker who is aware of that and feels free to act in that way.

    Second case used when say a hungry broker is keen to fix and tries to do his best to commit himself between parties. This gives him an opportunity because Charterers for short time are attracted to his channel and broker(provided he also got some additional info reg business under question against indication) can with higher chances bring a real indication with real firm owner on his back.

    BUT sometimes it fails and Chrtrs stay alone with wrong channel and possible loose of a right candidate. Here i could only advice to try to speak to broker fairly or punch back direct call to possible owner/operator/shipmanager or whatever possible direct contact you would find from investigating apps/sources/bases.

    Consider as my own intelligent opinion only pls.
    Hope it cheers up -)

  2. i understand that a broker can loose a channel or get blacklisted if found out indicating without out authority or spoofing. Isn it too risky?

  3. what ics think abt spoofing?

  4. The Virtual ShipbrokerOctober 9, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    A good question and a good reply from the first anonymous person.

    From my view spoofing an "offer" is wrong and can never be justified. If however a broker uses his initiative to arrange a principals "ideas" into an email that looks like an indication.....then in the main i see no problem in this as long as he never misrepresents the information given to them. If they call it an "offer" or an "indication" then they are crossing the line. If the "pad" the email to give the "ideas" a more formal feel then this is just smart broking.

    The other issue you have is that as a broker how do you know if another brokers is spoofing? The only way is if a principal (charter or shipowner) actually tells you and sometimes these principals tell you these things to protect themesleves because they feel uncomfortable telling you they are supporting another channel.


    If you feel that a broker is spoofing and it is highly unethical then you are well within your rights to speak to the charterer/shipowner about your concerns. But make sure you have the facts first..

    I have raised these concerns a few times over the years and if done properly is worthwhile.


  5. vs , how did you rise concerns to your principal and how did you find out abt another broker spoof?