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Monday, November 15, 2010

Key to Shipbroking Success


One reader of the blog recently told me (in a private email) that he didnt realise that the market will punish you badly for incompetence. It is true. Many clients, be they shipowners or charterers will give a broker one chance to prove themselves.

So when courting a new client understand that those first few weeks, months - those first few deals, will determine your longevity with that same client. Do alot right and they will cut you some slack - do many things wrong (especially at the start of the relationship) then dont expect a second date!

Shipping is cut throat in that respect. All the more reason to think about how, as a shipbroker, you can continue to build credibility. A broker needs to think about his/her own personal credibilty but also the credibility of the firm they represent.

From a marketing perspective this is known as BRANDING. Everyday brokers need to think about building their own personal BRAND aswell as the firms they represent.

To be conscious of branding is to be conscious of every single element of the communication process - not just very visible things like websites, business names, logos etc.

Every phone conversation, email, sms, long lunch and board meeting is an opportunity to build and sell your brand. Are you making the most of these opportunities?


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