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Monday, November 1, 2010

controversial posts

One of my more controversial posts was shipowner secrets. I can understand how some may see this type of 'creative' endeavor as somewhat unsavory especially in the gentlemans world of international shipping. Even speaking of such things is enough to get me crossed of any number of peoples christmas guest lists (and I have been struck of a few).

I think people are too quick to judge because of the context.

Lets look at a similar situation in a different industry and then ask yourself how you feel.

Scenario - You are Wayne Rooney's (Manchester United superstar) manager and Wayne has told you he wants to leave. Your job is to find him a great new football club and to get him as much money as possible.

That's your job!

Would you

1. Tell prospective football clubs 'yes interest in Wayne is very high' - even if you haven't seen any interest yet? (probably...?)

2. Leek to the media that Barcelona or Real Madrid have shown interest - even if they haven't....(yes)

3. Tell Barcelona in private discussions (weeks later) that Wayne has a re-occurring groin injury and that he can only play with pain killers? (I doubt it)

4.  Tell Wayne that there are lots of suitors and that you (his manager) are just sorting through offers (even if there are no such offer yet on the table - what the &*^% is he paying you for? - we know about the ego's of football players)...

It goes on......like shipping back and forward. But in the Rooney Context it sounds like a bit of fun. When we discuss it in shipping - its much more serious (or is it).


And then we have the shipowner (or in this case Barcelona)

If you are Barcelona's recruiter are you going to tell Rooney's manager that the big boss says "get him at all costs"? Not likely. You will play the negotiation game for a month or so and try and see what level the market is. Why offer him 100 million when he will walk for 50 million.

Will you tell Waynes' manager that the football club made a record profit last year and has 100 million in the bank? Or will you say that merchandising has been down and that cash is tight? All the while trying to figure out if the rumour is true that Rooney only wants to play for Barcelona...

That is what a shipowner does too...plays the game. (not just the brokers/player managers who can sometime be easy targets for those claiming manipulation)

Sure high stakes negotiation can be tedious, but it can sometimes be fun too.

You need to have a sense of perspective (and humour) that is for sure. Not for everyone.


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