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Monday, October 19, 2009

Outside the box

The worlds largest iron ore Company Vale of Brazil has an international trainee program. Although not specific to shipping Vale is one of the largest charterers of ships in the world.



  1. Hello Mr. Virtual Shipbroker. I came across your blog just yesterday. I am giving serious thought into getting into shipbroking. I am 21 years old and i am a junior at SUNY Maritime College in New York. I am more going for International transportation and trade. Just curious to see if you have any suggestions as to how to get my foot in the door. This profession I feel is more like networking with the right people and who you know to get you in however I am definately not doubting myself. I am greek and my family does know shipowners overseas but I'm not sure if this quite helps me out in what I want to do. Or does it?

  2. Yo Maritime 11!

    It seems to me that you are the perfect candidate to be looking at getting into shipbroking. Your family connections your study background plus the fact that you live in a 'shipping area' ie NY and Connecticut makes you a good fit. Go through my blog posts and think about purchasing 'Inside shipbroking' for great tips on getting your foot through the door!


  3. Hi, finding your blog a great insight into the world of shipbroking. I am 24 and looking to change careers into shipbroking. I find the forward freight derivatives appealing and was wondering if this is a good area to go into in the present climate? is the salary and bonuses roughly the same or higher? is the work any different?

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Anon

    Lots of people refering to the 'present climate' and to be truthful i am not sure what this actually means. In some parts of the world the climate is very positive and in some not so. There seems to be lots of good news around especially over the last 2 weeks.

    Also shipping rates are historically very very high. 200 percent higher than 100 year averages.

    FFA brokers, Dry cargo brokers, wet brokers, SNP brokers all earn roughly the same on average. But the average has a huge variablity both higher and lower.

    The work is very different though. FFA brokers are like brokers of financial products ie currencies, equities etc etc. Pgysical shipbroking is alot different.

    Good Luck!