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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back on deck

Hi All

Im back on deck.

The priority at the moment is to pull together the VS voyage extimator pack.

As we speak I have a 20 man crew of midget himalayan hiking computer nerds working 24/7 on some simple VS voyage estimating software. The software is basically the non spreadsheet equivalent of the voyage calculator that I have been using successfully for the past 12 years. No bells and whistles - just the basics to help any user run an effective voyage calculation with minimal fuss (and cost compred to what is on the market).

Think of my software are the base model of any swanky car. No heated seats, no gps, no mini bar etc - but a nice reliable engine, 4 good tires, and the ability to get you to your destination safely and accurately!

BTW - thanks to those of you who have sent me private emails over the last week or so. I have tried where possible to reply where I can.

Anyway back to my real job for a few days...


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  1. that is a lot of work being put in!