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Saturday, November 13, 2010

101 followers - Drinks on me!

Where is everyone?

So I havent shaved in a while!


  1. Dear VS, is there a reason why the markets are so slow and are almost slipping up in terms of per day hire rates for both short and long period charters?

  2. Hi Ying

    Iron ore shipments are way down. China taking a breather. Also lots of new ships coming ex yard.

    This weakness is to be expected. Still lots of money to be made!


  3. hi VS

    thanks for your reply. has it anything to do with the weakening dollar? iron ore is slated to boom in brazil in the years to come. hopefully that should push us up a little from there.

  4. Lots of elements come into play. Here is the only thing I know for sure - Markets go UP and Markets go Down - so its nothing unusual. Yes lots of new iron ore mines (around the globe) being developed as we speak.

  5. thanks for the insight VS!