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Friday, October 9, 2009

APS vs DOP - How it ties into a voyage calc!

Following on from the previous posts explanation you will note that I have stated that APS and DOP are time charter concepts. Now your reasonable question to VS is 'How then does this effect a voyage calculation and hence a voyage contract?".

You will note that in the voyage calculation example on my voyage calc blog that an essential part of the formula to find out the 'break even voyage freight rate' is to know the time charter in price. So this is where it fits in. The delivery also effect the number of total days in the voyage and also the speed and consuption of the ships basis sailing fully laden or in ballast..

Sound confusing? Once you start doing regular voyage calculations it will make sense - and quickly too.

In the voyage calculation pack I will give examples that look at different delivery scenarios and how they effect the bottom line..

Still a few weeks away...but worth the wait.



  1. Hi great blog,

    I'm looking to enter shipbroking when I graduate university but have heard its dominated by lots of old public school boys and is harder to get into if you did not go to one? is there any truth in this? Also what is a good area to go into in the current market or in the future?


  2. Thank you for the post - and good question.

    Here is an open secret. Shipbroking, stockbroking and realestate have since time immemorial been bastions for academically underachieving, gregarious lads from public schools!

    Also you will note that any profession with average salaries obove USD 85k will have as the majority of its protagonists people from the middle upper classes.

    BUT - the good news is this. There are many ways to skin a cat and this was one of the major motivating factors behind the blog and writing 'Inside Shipbroking'. The reason was to dispell some myths, blow open some locked doors and make people realise that as an employment market 'shipping' is a very open propostion.

    Also note - that times are changing. 20 years ago the old school tie was hugely important - less so now.

    The other thing you need to remember, which I have pointed out in my books, is that you need to play to your stregnths and have a strategy that matches.

    So if you are from the wrong side of town, smoke illegal cigs and have a tattoo that says 'PAIN' written across your knuckles, then trying to get an internship with a toffy London based Shipbroker may not work (but it might).

    May I humbly suggest you check out 'Inside shipbroking' for further clarification..

    Thanks again for a good question