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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

10 years and still going strong

Hi all

Can you believe its been 10 years?

A decade is a long time - Shipping has gone through a pretty intense period of consolidation and upheaval.

Slowly I too have gone through a period of change and as you guys know I moved away from being an active poster quite a few years ago. The blog though remains one of my greatest achievements and to this day I receive many a heart felt email from readers who find enormous value from visiting the blog and buying my books. To those who have taken the time to write to me I can only say thank you. Some messages have brought me close to tears hearing about the impact as we have made a journey together navigating the crazy world of international shipbroking and chartering.

I do get the occasional email asking if the books are still available and the answer is yes.

Inside Shipbroking, Shipbroker fast Track and Starting a shipbroking business - although 10 years old are still pretty much spot on and an important read for any new comer (or old timer looking for an edge). There have been some minor technological changes since the books were written but the main premise for each book remains relevant today as it was 10 years ago.

Inside shipbroking has now sold over 5,000 copies into 75 countries, is in 5 maritime libraries around the globe.

These days I am less involved in shipping. My golf game is improving, I am a football (soccer) dad, Ballet dad and husband to an awesome lady. Most of my day is taken up educating young people in a more formal setting (than this blog) so that keeps me young.

I do miss the cut and thrust of the deal though - so I am happy to know that my books are still having an effect. Not only am i happy that my books help close deals - but i reckon in a small way I have influenced the way deals are done. Respect!

Love you all (like a brother)

Send me an email to say hi

email: virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Time to say Hello!

Hi Guys

A post in a different thread


Hi VS! Thank you for the very wonderful blog, it is definitely one of the most informative on the web. I am going to intern at one of the shipping brokerage this summer and had been binge reading your blog. I read all your posts within 2 weeks. The amount of information is really useful and it definitely helped me in my interview in securing the internship. I have 3 questions and I would be glad if you can answer them: 1) Are your books still available for purchase? 2) Any tips on converting my internship position to a permanent job as a trainee broker? 3) Is it a good time to enter the industry now? Thank you so much for your blog! Looking forward to more active posts from you :)


Thanks for the nice email and congratulations on securing the internship. its a good time to enter the industry. I reckon we are past the worst slump in living history and although the recovery will be slow - WE ARE RECOVERING!

to answer your questions

1) Yes the books are available for purchase - just click on the buy now button!
2) All the info you need to convert and kick goals are in those (my) books!!
3) and yes - As discussed earlier it is a good time to enter.

Keep rocking

The Virtual Shipbroker

BTW - If anyone is interested in the VS Chartering and Shipbroking certificate send me an email at virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

I may have a spot open...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Im over here!!

Ahoy friends

I am still here but taking a break from posting whilst i circumnavigate the globe with my wife

maybe you have seen me

Books are still for sale and I am answering the occasional email.

Hope you are all well

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A good question from a seafaring reader


From Seastoshore

HI VS I am a newly qualified officer of the watch with a British issued COC In the next year or so I plan to do a trip as a junior officer and in my leave learn the commercial side of the business and hopefully do some post fixture work, after this I want to brake into brokage. How employable would I be seen to be .. yes I don't have a economic/business degree from a top university but I do have solid industry experience. Alot of guys who go for trainee broker jobs probably haven't even seen a commercial ship yet alone know that a 38000 dwt Handymax bulker can't actually carry 38000 tonnes of cargo. Regards


I hear ya Seatoshore...

Im always on about the need for commercial shipping people to know what a ship actually looks like. Early on in my career I was lucky enough to have a management traineeship with a large multinational shipping company that apart from ship brokerage, they owned vessels, had an agency and offshore set up and even owned stevedores and ports. 

I will never forget the day that I was asked to jump on a helicopter and land on the hatch of a panamax ship just outside the port limits. Because of congestion the ship could not berth but they needed to evacuate a sick crew member. The weather was hairy but the incident was one of the best things I have done in the 25 years I have been in this caper. 

on a calm day

Cutting to the chase Seatoshore - your experience is fine and if you carry that combative yet polite 'winning' attitude then I reckon you would be a great asset and very hireable. Check out 'Inside Shipbroking' though for some of the other way 'seaman' can transition into brokerage...

Wishing you luck


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another happy VS shipbroking and chartering Cert student

A nice message after our final virtual negotiation..


Thank you VS!

Sent the recap to both VS Broker and VS Charterer. 

That is truly sad news (that we are finished) but for what its worth, I would definitely enrol my future trainee shipbroker employees in this course. Hopefully it’s still around. 

I wish to thank you for considering me. It has been nothing short of fantastic.

Eddy P


Look - every time i run this course I do have some hesitation. It is important to me that the course offer great value and it is not until i get feedback that I am ever sure. 

What I do know is that after every course, despite its simple premise, the feedback in terms of practical knowledge and value delivered is unanimously good. 

When you also consider that a 2 day course covering about 1/10 of what this course delivers - can cost up to USD 5,000 ......then my humble little chartering and shipbroking course remains the benchmark.

Thanks you to Eddy P and look forward to running a new (larger) intake in October...


Monday, August 24, 2015

Who is watching and reading the VS Blog

Haven't done this for a while. Found that readers like to find out who else is reading the VS blog
Numbers are readers (page hits) this month total 12,390
Top 10
United States   2223
United Kingdom   1437
Singapore  1323
Russia  1013
India  978
Greece  487
France 482
United Arab Emirates 293
Ukraine 290
Germany 218

Some usuals not there ( in top 10) this month

C'mon Australia, Norway, Japan and Denmark!

Drop us a line and say hello from wherever you may be!



Monday, August 17, 2015

The VS Dry Cargo and Shipbroking Certificate

Every week I get an email or two asking about the next VS Dry Cargo and Shipbroking Certificate.

Due to time constraints (im a busy person you know) I have recently been running this program on a one on one - case by case basis..

Having said that I am really enjoying it at the moment and I am considering a larger intake around November this year.

So if you are keen to be part of this course check out the 'study' tab above, read the premise and drop me a line....

Spaces are always limited....