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Monday, March 9, 2015

When to include ship brokerage?


VS / Will

Good day

long time listener, first time writer!

I managed to secure a broking job for a small broker firm in London. I have been doing a bit of short-sea as a way to learn/cut my teeth. I have one question regards brokerage. 

We got a request from some close charterers to get tonnage and rates for an order they had. I sent out the order to owners with our brokerage included on it. We then got rates/tonnage back from owners which we sent on to charterers for their guidance. When I sent the tonnage/rate onwards I did not included our brokerage as I understood that owners will be paying. Therefore, charterers do not need to see the brokerage as we collect it from owners. Am I correct in this thinking?




Hi Will. Congratulations on your new job. Yes you are right the charterers don't necessarily need to know about the brokerage except in the recap if you fix or if they ask explicitly

Thanks for the post


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