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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy festive season to all!

Happy Christian New year / Festive season to all....regardless of belief systems and cultures the shipping industry does quieten down for a few weeks.

And yes I am still here and yes I am still selling books and providing consultancy. I am just on a small hiatus with regards to making blog posts...

But do not worry - this blog will be around for many years yet....sometimes one just needs an occasional break...(read burn out!)

So please keep reading the 5 years worth of information provided and keep sending me messages and I will try and respond when I get the chance.

I am incredibly appreciative of all the readers, followers and customers of this blog.



  1. can you kindly share with all why you burned out?

  2. Thanks for asking! Where do I start????

    I wont bore you with the details but this past year has been the busiest of my life with various projects and income streams on the go. Also I have immediate and extended family that I take an active role in looking after.

    The biggest problem is that I have a personality that means that occassionally I get the balance 'wrong'. And when I'm tired my negative traits seem to shine through (more than my positive ones).

    A few years ago I made a vow to keep my life simple so that I can be well mentally and physically. A short break will ensure that 2014 starts the way I need it to be...

    Thanks for asking...


  3. Dear VP,
    First of all, I wish you a successful year, though in a more moderate and relaxing pace!
    Second, may I ask when approximately will you have time to go through my resume and CV I sent to you a month or something ago. I am not in a big rush, but still, kind of curious about what I can improve.

  4. Hello Ivanov. Thanks nice comments. Yes I have yours and a few others I must reply too soon. Hang in there - it will happen and yours is a priority.

  5. Hi VS! I'm an industrial engineer with minor in mechanical engineering. I also have 3.5 years experience in US customs brokerage, 1.5 years in freight forwarding and 4 years in trucking running ocean and air freight dealing in palletize /containerize freight.

    After reading your study materials, I know now that bulk shipping is definitely the way to go. As you said, it's much more exciting, less laborious, simpler and definitely more profitable. I am one of your avid fans and followers and I have bought all your E-books as well as the Voyage Estimation Pack. Recently, I have even followed your advise to put up my own website as well to target this particular niche and ready to take off.

    But before I do and at this point of my study, I would like to take the VS Cargo Chartering & Shipbroking Certification to further train / arm myself with the teachings of a master-guru like you. May I know when you are going to conduct your your 8th certification course?

    I'm really very excited and eager to learned from your 20 years of shipbroking knowledge, expertise and experience. Please include me in your short list for the next batch of students.

    I have emailed you several times already but do not know if you have received them. Could you confirm receipt of them please.

    Best regards


  6. you truly seemed to have burned out... If this is the case, then is a shipbroking career a healthy one?

  7. The shipping Industry is not always a healthy one. They get their pound of flesh in return for paying you 100,000's of thousands of dollars!

    Balance !! ohm.............

  8. Hi vs,

    I need an advice: I'm currently applying at Clarksons' trainee broker programme and I've been selected for the next step of the selection process which will consist of an Assessment Day. Do you have any ideas on how they recruit? Any tips, advices, people I might want to know?
    Thank you for your help

    1. hey, are you still in the process?

  9. Howdy - read inside shipbroking....and quick!