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Monday, September 30, 2013

This Blog

Man how time flies..

Started this blog almost 5 years ago....wow...

The books started not long after. So my baby 'Inside Shipbroking' is almost 5 - WTF??

The good news is that book sales along with viewers keep climbing steadily....

I sell between 8 and10 books per week....which humble as it is - you add that up over 5 years and there are a few thousand Mini VS's clones (ok now its gone to my head) plying their trade in the worlds shipping markets....

I would make a guess that no other shipping book (apart from some text books) would be as widely read...

Reckon the country count is now around 80....

Would not be too many new entrants into the industry who have not read 'inside shipbroking'...

Don't be a stranger Ya'll.......drop me a line and let me know how ya doen!

Yours (a nostalgic and slightly inebriated)


  1. Was this really interesting, thoughtful or witty?

    Can you write something on say - breaking established accounts?

    1. You are hard but quite correct.....this post was none of the above....

      Breaking established accounts - ok....

      How about offering superior service?

  2. Sounds like a good idea & title!

    Apologies, I did not mean to be hard - I just know that you are capable of writing some pretty amazing/interesting stuff & the above was just a bit of a flop compared to your usually very good topical discussions!

    1. Hey I am always up for some tough love when warranted. As a minor concession i did flag that i was inebriated at the time of writing. Which in itself is neither here or there. Time to lift!