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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year All

Happy Christian New Year to all the readers. What have i been upto over the last 3 weeks?

In no particular order
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Recovering
  • Exercising
  • Fixing Ships (one or two)
  • Helping people with Cover letters and CV's (many over the Christmas and new year period)
  • Selling Books
  • Lecturing
  • Renovating/Building my house (yes I am helping)
  • Short Vacation to find some elusive 'SUN"
  • Saw 2 Rock Bands (Its true that I try and feel young even though i am not anymore)
  • Played football with my son
  • Watched my daughter try and do the splits (ballet)
  • Wined and dined my wife

Thats about it........not a bad list...

And it means I am ready and refreshed for a HUGE 2013. Big things expected for the blog. I would like to thank the continued support of so many readers (over 10,000 hits per month) from around the world. Books sold into more than 70 countries and the consultancy business continues to grow providing many of you with the expertise needed to make your business a winner. Some of the client successes stories have been extraordinary.

My promise is that for 2013 I will spend a little more time writing blog posts. Shipping is so large and diverse that there are literally thousands of topics that can be covered. The problem last year was that i was so busy. This year I have deliberately allowed more room in my schedule to get the posts back on track. I will also be releasing a new book (the first in a few years) that will flesh out many of the topics I have covered in the blog - plus a few surprises. I am glad I am publishing this because it will make me keep my promise. if you do not see anything from me (by way of a book) then start hounding me!

Apart from that I want to connect a bit better with the readers so i will be looking at how better to do this. If any of you have any ideas in this regard drop me a line.

interestingly I have had a few offers to buy this blog. I rank very high on google for just about every shipping term....so people are interested. But i dont wanna lose control. You will notice that I am one of the few successful blogs that doesnt have any form of external advertising - mostly because as an avid reader of other blog - advertising annoys the hell out me.

Anywayz - I am here to stay - like it or not and i sincerely hope you all keep reading. Drop me a line and say hello occassionally, and keep replying to posts that may interest you. Also if you havent as yet maybe become a follower of the blog. All those things keep me motivated to keep providing you with content that you deserve.

Love you (man hug)


The Virtual Shipbroker


  1. Happy 2013 VS..

    Can you provide some valuable insight regarding where the market is heading this year?

    BTW when is your next Student intake for your course?


  2. Happy new Year to you too VS! Wishing you a clean inbox and full fixture book!!!

    PS : Twitter is not a bad medium I guess to establish a more direct contact with your readers.

  3. Hi

    The VS certificate is taking a short break but will be back bigger and better in 2013.

    Re the market - the only way is up baby!

    Hey JP - thanks for the good wishes - happy 2013 to you too. Twitter hey - i have an account ready to go....lets see!

    thanks messages

  4. Love your blog! Just wondering what other shipping blogs you read, as you mentioned you read some regularly(and get annoyed by advertising on them)..


  5. Hi Nick

    There are no other shipbroking blogs i read. There are one or two shipping blogs but i dont really frequent them too often. Not that engaging. I was referring to mostly non shipping related blogs...

    Thanks for the contribution and happy new year!