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Sunday, November 4, 2012

White men cannot shipbroke?

From a reader of the blog (i have changed one or two items to protect the identity)
Dear Sir,

How are you? Last time we did communicate via mail regarding my traineeship and I have another question to ask you.
Just want to share with you the company is good and the people is nice. I really enjoy working there and they currently assign me to the operation desk and hopefully will move to chartering desk in the future.

However, I faced a big barrier in this field, I can drink and social but just can't dance in the nightclub with my colleagues. I found my body is too stiff to move with the music and the way they dance looks quite stupid and silly. Two of my male colleagues seem to not so respect me due to my inability to dance.

My doubt is does dancing is one of the social skill that a successful shipbroker must possessed?

Please sir shred some light or opinion on my doubt. I trying my very best in this field but I feel it is like a dead end for me.

Thanks and good day.

Yours faithfully,


My father once said "Son - if you are crap at something - do something else"...

Alternative strategies I recommend

1. Do not even attempt to dance. Tell your colleagues that you have lower back problems, or you have a pulled hamstring from playing football.

2. Tell them that only sissies dance and then over compensate by drinking more beer than all the others put together.

3. Don't let your lack of coordination worry you. No one really cares if you can or cannot dance. Be content to sit at the table and smile at everyone else making fools of themselves. This is my modus operandi and I am sure it will work for you!

4. Watch this video and learn some moves

The Virtual Shipbroker

1 comment:

  1. take tango lessons. tango is cool, a man's dance.

    don't even try salsa or any other bull..t