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Friday, December 30, 2011

Good question from a reader


So Samoa is skipping friday. If I were a charterer, and was trading the vsl around Samoa, how would this effect the payments i make to the owner? Do I not have to pay for friday?! Well technically that one friday doesn't exist.
haha - my guess is that a "day" is still 24 hours....so although friday disappears the 24 hours will still count
great question though!
Btw - to all those readers owed a reply from the Virtual Shipbroker - I am on holidays for a few more days. I realise there are quite a few of you expecting replies. Hang in there and i will revert soonest. Plus i have been in a prerpetual state of drunken stupor for over a week so adding anything to this blog in my condition is not a good idea. 
2012 will be the best year yet - of that I am sure
Keep Rock'n

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