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Monday, November 21, 2011

Personality Types

I have recently been quite interested in the idea of Personality Types and how your ingrained preferences can dictate just about every outcome in your life.

The most famous personality test is called the Myers Briggs test and it groups you into one of 14 distinct personality types and using this information it can predict / give advice about everything from most suitable jobs, suited partners and what hobbies you will probably enjoy

For me it has been a scary revelation. I am what is known as an INTJ personality type which is the rarest in the land making up only 1 pct of the general population. Whats interesting about INTJ's though is our over representation on the internet when it comes to financial blogs and blogs about early retirement. The INTJ is known as the "mastermind" and we like to find efficiencies and systems and then exploit them (in a good way) to our benefit. Certainly important for shipbrokers and charterers i would have thought.

Anyway - INTJ's make up approximately 38 percent of all financial bloggers accross ideas such as finance, realestate and retiring early. A massive over representation which is is interesting to me anyway.

But no word on whether INTJ makes a perfect Shipbroker - if there is such a thing, I actually think E type personalities are more likely to make better day to day shipbrokers as they are more social. But like most things there is room for everyone. As is said being efficient and finding holes in certain markets has certainly worked well for me.

Here is a simple 5 minute test..


Drop me a line and let me know what you are?



  1. hello VS

    Turns out im an INTP (another 1%er) Having now read what an INTP is, it does describe how i am pretty much spot on.

    I now have a question for you- I have recently been thrown into being a trainee shipbroker almost by accident(only 2 weeks ago), and wondered if you concider INTP types to be a good fit into the world of shipbroking?

  2. The Virtual ShipbrokerNovember 22, 2011 at 1:43 AM

    Hi Chris

    In some other tests, and depending on the week, i am also ocassionally an intp.

    You should google INTP and check which type of vocations it suits. personally i think like myself you are undoubtedly on the road to stardom!

  3. I am always a INTJ, though the J differs quite abit according to how I feel that day etc.

    Though what is important in these tests are that they only give indications on your most prominent features, and indicate what you should work on. If you use it as a tool to become a better person you are doing right, or if you use it to analyse the person you are negotiating with so you can play on the strings he like the most you are also doing it right. If you start using this test to find out what work fits you the best, who do wat better etc you are missing the ballpark.
    This test only indicates some personality traits. You may be a INTJ, but where you would really flourish is not as a strategic planner but as a nurse.

    And also: The test do not say anything about proficiency or intellect.

  4. The Virtual ShipbrokerNovember 23, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    Hi last person

    You say "if you use it to find out what fits you best you miss the mark" but yet vocational testers use this method all the time. Im confused. I dont take it too seriously. Its fun and for me helps explain a few things. INTJ's have good aspects but also heaps of bad ones which i can relate too..

    Interesting stuff..

  5. INTJ

    its fun but its an eye opener on my habits and why people find me full of strange quirks

  6. Suraz....yes im a bit quirky too (in a rational way)..

  7. ESFJ

    Always wanted to be the boss of my own business. I regard shipbroking a second career choice that will be very rewarding. What does this personality type say to you VS?

  8. Yvette

    esfj sounds perfect. You are a people person who loves socialising and strongly ethical...

    Sign her up people!

  9. ENFP

    That is my personality type and from what I've read it describes me perfectly. I hope is good because a career in shipbroking is my dream and since I'm done with my military service, since here in Greece is compulsory, I going to look for a training position. Plz advise,

  10. ENTJ

    Reading the description I feel it actually does reflect me. But I suppose one tries to identify with what one reads. Hardly 2% and "bound to lead others", I like the way this is going, hehe. I don't really see myself as that ruthless as in the description, though.