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Monday, January 18, 2010

Voyage estimation pack almost there!!!!!!!!

You would not believe what I am waiting on. My adobe acrobat is playing up so I can add the security features I need. This should be fixed over the next day or so.

To wet the appetitie...Here are the dry cargo voyage estimation examples that are in the tutorial

1. Handymax coal Indonesia to china
2. Handymax coal Australia to India
3. Handymax cement South East Asia to Europe
4. Handymax parcels from Black Sea to Far East
5. Panamax coal Australia to India
6. Panamax Iron Ore India to China
7. Panamax Coal USEC to Europe
8. Supramax grain USG to Japan
9. Handysize grain River Plate to Europe

Thanks patience



  1. Can we know in what exactly does the estimates are built on?
    Any chance to add the handy size steel from Black Sea to PG?
    How about hany size grain from far east to west africa?


  2. Hi Jebusk

    The software is built on inginuity, sweat and the sweet smell of greenbacks! Thanks for asking.

    The 9 routes are set. The great news is this. For anyone buying they are free to send me their calculations and I can check them and offer advice. Now tell me what software in the market offers that kind of service? Good stuff and thanks for the question.


  3. At this time of the year would it be better to take a vessel on a voyage charter or time charter, from Load Coal, Kalimantan Indonesia to discharge China Shanghai.

  4. Interesting question

    IMO The timing of the year has little to do with the decision of TC vs VC.

    The important factors are
    - your required profit margin
    - your apetite for risk
    and - your level of expertise.

    UNLESS there are issues regarding matters like congestion and bad weather - which IS a timing issue.


    Low risk - low margin - low expwertise = voyage out

    Higher risk - higher margin - operating expertise = TC out


  5. Last post should have read

    "higher risk - higher margin - operating expertise = TC IN (not out)