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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Incredible display of fortitude...in the face of a declining BDI.

a shipbroker 24 hours after learning of the BDI's rapid recent decline. Giddy Up!

At Virtual Shipbroker we dont condone this type of behaviour. 


  1. dear sir wud appreciate yrs advise if there is a different between a voy calculation and time charter calculation in chartering a vsl

  2. Hello Anon - good to see you again!

    Re your question - well that depends.

    A voyage calculation is usually done in order to find out the per metric tonne equivalent of the going time charter market rate. ie you already know the time charter market rate.

    If however you only know the expected voyage freight rate but have no idea what the time charter equivalent is - then yes you can do the same calculation and work out the time charter equivalent.

    So YES in the most part they are the same thing.