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Friday, September 25, 2009

Shipbroker Traineee News

Headlines in Tradewinds Newspaper this week that Clarksons, the worlds largest shipbroker, has doubled the intake of international based trainees this financial year. The intake, compared to previous years has been maintained at head office in London but the international offices have seen a large expansion.

Well done Clarksons!

( I also note that in the same publication a disgruntled Clarksons employee, decided to leave a rather smelly parting gift on the 6th floor of their headoffice in London. I wonder if he had an Indian curry for lunch. Needless to say he no longer works at Clarksons. Yes people destitute behavious shows no financial or cultural boundaries - shipping can be a prime example).

The Virtual Shipbroker pointed out a few months ago that at the peak of the GFC, it would be an opportune time for a number of the bigger shops to let go of expensive fat cats and consider taking on trainees at a lower cost base. This certainly seems to have played out.

I also note that the job market in general is very good. Lots of news this week regarding the surge in 'Wall st' employment jobs and shipping is riding that same wave.

There has never been a better time to try and get your foot in the door.


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  1. Hi virtual shipbroker,
    My name is Alexandros ,I am 27 years of age.I currently live in Greece and I am working in the life insurance bussiness.However, I want to get into shipbroking and for that reason I am attending the ICS program in Piraeus to prepare for the exams in April for the foundation diploma and currently searching for the oppurtunity to work as a trainee shipbroker.Prior to the ICS program I have no experience in shipping.Taking this into account but also the fact that my family have been in the shipping industry as masters-mariners(grandfathers) and naval architects(my uncle and father have marine established consultant offices in Piraeus the last 25 years) and also the fact that english is a native language to me(my mother is from Newcastle England) what are my chances of getting into the bussiness?And Is it better to search in Piraeus or places like London for such a trainee position? I also would like to note there is not much movement with trainee positions at the moment in Piraeus.