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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A good question regarding landing a big client..


Dear VS

Good afternoon!

I love your blog, cause it's really useful and reliable source of shipbroking information.

Can you please share your experience while doing business with big corporations?

You obviously know a lot of them by paying visits to international fairs and conferences.

All of big Charterers and Owners have their own chartering departments and my conversation with them usually ends with:"You are a good guy, but we have our panel brokers, who manage to find tonnage/cargoes for our needs" or "We have enough brokers in our list, so aren't looking to improve it".

I know numerous traders, buyers, shippers, but even they can't give an order or advice to their shipping department regarding freight arrangement. I've even asked whether any procedure to become 'panel list broker' , but my efforts are effortless.

Do you have any idea how is possible to manage this gap or shall I drop it?

Pleased to hear your opinion.



Dear KN

It's an interesting question and one that i cover quite extensively in 'starting a shipbroking business' - a great read even if I do say so myself....

BTW i realized the other day that I haven't read my own books for at least 3 years. I might do my self a favor and buy a copy. Just kidding - i don't need to buy a copy of my own book.......i'm sure my wife has one.

Anyway back to the question from KN

My short answer is this

You need to be more than just a good guy...

What can you give them that others already don't...

Answer that and you are part way to securing more clients..

Oh - and yes check out the book when you get the chance



  1. hi VS, any link to this book ?

    1. Just follow the tabs for shipbroker books on the front page of this blog..

      Otherwise here you go