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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The VS certificate rolls on

The great news is that none of the current students have decided to drop out after the two week grace period and by all accounts are enjoying the program alot.

So who are the current students? People always want more info.....to satisfy curiosity...which is cool.

Can't tell you specifics but can say this
  • 8 in number
  • 7 males
  • 1 female (first one wahooooo)
  • 1 of the 8 has elected to do the course anonymously
  • 2 from chartering companies
  • 6 from brokers (including 3 of the big 6)
  • 2 from South Korea/Japan
  • 1 from Australia / NZ
  • 4 from Europe
  • 1 from South America
  • All pioneers with a entrepreneurial spirit
  • All with varying degrees of knowledge and experience

As i have said to the students. Kudos to them - It takes some courage to hand over close to USD 1,000 to an anonymous blogger. It is entirely possible I could take the money and run never to be heard of again. Highly unlikely though and these guys are smart enuf to understand risk vs reward. Not only is this the cheapest, most hands on course in chartering and shipbroking, you also make amazing contacts which is worth the price of admission alone.

Next intake wont be until well into 2012....incase you missed out this time.


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  1. hi VS

    is it possible that we have a database of all your students( present course as well as past courses) and thus increase our networking arena. With students from various shipping entities including broking firms, as you know alumni may help other alumni.