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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Makes this blog worthwhile


Thanks v much for the guidance and your tips. I have indeed landed a job in .................(withheld).

Its such a relief after a long trek and knocking many doors. I know the journey doesn't end here. rather its the start of a new journey now and what can i say? I am charged up and ready to roll.

Its been a fantastic reassurance to have someone as unbiased and insightful and dependable as you to whom i could turn to for advise. I owe a lot to your 2 books and to your advise.

God bless you in your future endeavours
Makes this blog worthwhile!

The Virtual Shipbroker


  1. It sure is an assurance fro me that people do get selected in the present market conditions..

  2. Present market conditions for shipping are very good. A BDI above 2,500 is way above the long term average. Sure its not a boom but conditions are currently very good.