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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Market remains firm

Yep market remains firm.

You have probably noticed I am taking a short break from my consistent postings on this blog. In the the 18 months the blog as been in existence I think I have done fairly well averainge more than 10 posts per month.

I am extremely busy at the moment and in truth I just feel like taking a breather from my regular contributions. Fear not! I aint going anyway. Its a short 'non posting' sebatical to recharge the batteries. I will fire up again soon. I check the blog and emails everyday so please keep the communication coming if indeed you have something to ask me.



  1. I have a question. I have been offered internships with both a tanker and a bulker shipowning company which is great. I assume you are working dry cargo (all your examples are in the dry cargo market)therefore, why do you prefer dry cargo instead of wet cargo? And what segments in shipping do you find the most interesting including both wet and dry?


  2. Hi there

    Both markets are great. There is no preference.